Framed Paintings


All the original paintings on this page have been framed (or don’t require a frame e.g. painted on deep edge canvas). I make my own frames (for oil and acrylics painted onto canvas) but my watercolours and pastels are framed behind glass using the services of an excellent local picture framer. I can send a photograph of the painting in it’s frame on request. (Updated 20/10/20).

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NC 27  St John St. Wirksworth  watercolour £195


NC 28  Wirksworth Market Place  watercolour £195


NC 43  Lichfield Cathedral, Staffordshire  watercolour £195


NC 129  Early May, Parkhouse Hill, Derbyshire  oil on board

(Currently out on loan)


NC 165  Looking to Dovedale and Thorpe Cloud from Blore  soft pastel  £275 (inc. frame)


NC 170  Summer Market, Ashbourne  watercolour with pen £260


NC 176  Chrome Hill from above Earl Sterndale oil on canvas £350


NC 177  Chrome Hill from the River Dove  oil on canvas  £295 


NC 178  Reflections of a Pavilion  watercolour £470


NC 179  December Sunset Reflected  acrylic on canvas £850


NC 183  Orangery Reflections, Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire  acrylic on canvas £340


NC 188  On top of The Roaches, Staffordshire  oil on canvas £395


NC 189  Shutlingsloe from The Roaches  oil on canvas  £395

(Currently awaiting exhibition)


NC 190  Follow the Path to Hanging Stone (The Roaches, Staffs.)  oil on canvas £295

(Currently unavailable)


NC 191  Reflections of Cardigan, Wales  acrylic on Canvas £420


NC 195  Clearing Sky over the Upper Manifold Valley  oil on canvas £695

(Currently unavailable)


NC 198  Parkhouse Hill above the River Dove  oil on canvas £270


NC 199  Evening Sky from Axe Edge Moor  oil on canvas £395


NC 202  Winter Showers, Curbar Edge  oil on canvas £375


NC 203  Buxton Reflected # 2  watercolour £335


NC 205  Late Summer Garden Reflections, Littleover  oil on canvas £280 (deep edge canvas)


NC 220  Changing Light, Dovedale  acrylic on canvas £385


NC 221  Bunster Hill above Dovedale  acrylic on canvas £335


NC 222  Reflections of Piccadilly Circus, London  acrylic on board £420


NC 227  Evening Shadows below High Wheeldon  oil on canvas £355

(Currently awaiting exhibition)


NC 229  Evening Sunlight, Chrome Hill the Upper River Dove Valley  oil on canvas £395


NC 241  Peak District Barn #1 acrylic on canvas £295 (deep edge canvas)


NC 245  Wirksworth Reflections  watercolour £495


NC 246  Quad Reflections, Derby  acrylic on canvas £395 (deep edge canvas)


NC 247  Barns between Longnor and Crowdecote  acrylic on canvas £295

(Currently awaiting exhibition)


NC 290  The Egyptian House Reflected, Penzance  oil on canvas £420


NC 293  The Lions Face Rock, Dovedale  acrylic on canvas £475


NC 298  Window Reflections, Hayfield  watercolour £375


NC 301  The River Manifold below Ilam Hall  acrylic on canvas £475


NC 304  Early June, Dovedale  oil on board £295


NC 305  Robin Hood’s Stride, Derbyshire  oil on board £240


NC 307  Through the Beeches towards Hazelton Clump  acrylic on canvas £395


NC 309  Cardlemere Lane Trees #2  watercolour £245


NC 310  Cardlemere Lane Trees #3  watercolour £245


NC 317  Birches on Stanton Moor  oil on canvas £195


NC 319  Hazelton Clump, Staffordshire #1  watercolour £245 


NC 320  Hazelton Clump, Staffordshire #2  watercolour £245

(Currently awaiting exhibition)


NC 321  Winter Light near Biggin Grange  oil on canvas £345 


NC 322  Dovedale Shadows (from  Hazelton Clump)  oil on board £295

(Currently awaiting exhibition)


NC 330  Mousehole Reflections, Cornwall  watercolour £395


NC 332  Derby Cathedral Entrance Reflections (#2)  watercolour £495


NC 336  Minninglow Beeches  watercolour £265


NC 369 Back of the Tav’, Ashbourne  oil on canvas board £295


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