Painting Background

I have always wanted to express myself through the mediums of line drawing and paint from a very early age. Listed below are the main subject areas I specialise in.

Landscape Paintings
I prefer to produce landscape paintings out on site when possible, aiming to capture the unique character and beauty of the area of Britain known as the Peak District. The end result is a looser more spontaneous approach where I feel that I am as one with the scenery – painting almost subconsciously – yet still aiming to produce pieces of artwork that do justice to the scene. I use my own original photographs as reference material for studio paintings, using both digital camera and traditional sketchbook to record scenes when there’s insufficient time to paint decent pictures on site. This visual information enables me to produce more detailed figurative landscape studies, concentrating on pictorial composition and the effects of sunlight on the landscape. In 1983, my watercolour painting of Bradbourne Mill, Derbyshire, won the Munroe Trophy in the Derbyshire Open at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Derbyshire.



Reflection Paintings
I also produce studio based paintings which depict reflected images on glass surfaces – often a multiplicity of perspectives – aiming to challenge my own observational painting abilities and those of the picture viewer looking at what is confusing but also intriguing imagery. I use my own photographs as reference material – aiming to add an extra dimension to the image by transcribing them into paintings. This is a way of moving towards producing work of a more abstract nature where I could experiment with technique and materials to create much more personalised artworks – relying less on purely figurative imagery. In 2005, my watercolour painting of the German Pavilion, Barcelona, won 1st prize at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists ‘Open all Media’ spring exhibition.



Architectural Paintings
I’ve been producing paintings of Derbyshire towns and buildings for forty years or so now, each painting eventually becoming a closely observed record of a place in time before the inevitable alterations occur that can change the character of a street/town/city.



Coastal Paintings

The Atlantic coast of the Penwith Peninsula, west of St Ives, Cornwall, as some of the finest coastal scenery in the UK. It reminds me so much of parts of the Peak District, but with the added ingredient of the ocean as an awe-inspiring backdrop.



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